A Test of Character

“Until the time came to fulfill his word, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.” – Psalm 105:19

Joseph is one of my favorite Bible characters. He has been through hardships and such but he has been consistent with his character – that of a person who fears the Lord. Imagine if you are in his situation – being doubted by your family because of your dreams, sold by your brothers as a slave (not to mention almost being killed by them), accused falsely by your boss’ wife, imprisoned for a deed you have not done, and forgotten by an inmate you have helped, you have all the reasons to justify your rebellion against God, knowing full well that you have kept your obedience on Him but He doesn’t seem to care. Joseph could blame everyone who has made his life miserable when he got power in his hands yet he did not do so.

Good thing, Joseph’s mindset is not the same with most of us. I don’t know how you see it but as for me, he obeyed the Lord not because of the gain that he will earn some time in the future. His obedience is motivated by God’s love and calling for him. He knew full well that he was chosen by the Lord and that he will fulfill a purpose according to His plan (Genesis 50:20). And because Joseph is just focused in obeying the Lord, enjoying what he is doing despite the results that came about his so-called obedience,  God’s plan in his life was fulfilled. The hardships he experienced only made him stronger.

More often that not, we think that “tests of character” are the things that hinder us from achieving the goals we have always dreamed of. But think again, could it be that our intrusion of thinking that we know what’s best for ourselves that is the real hindrance? We can have a thing or two to learn from Joseph.


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