Long Overdue: Family & Pig Out Day

My family and I had our time together a week prior to my father’s flight back to work. And since my brother’s a fan of buffet, we went to Sambo Kojin.

The first time I heard of this place, they only have that branch in Eastwood. It’s highly inaccessible for those living in the South so the EDSA branch is an awesome idea.

We were greeted by hospitable crew and were led to our reserved table. Like most blog posts, the buffet did not disappoint.

A wide selection of appetizers await us. This station is where my father frequented. I don’t know with him why instead of getting the stuff for grilling or the main dishes, he’s getting all the sashimi and rolls and leaves and anchovies. Haha!

Raw and rolls!
Hahaha! My father has been munching on this stuff a lot. My gulay!

On the other hand, me and my sibs got an enormous serving of tempura. There are different kinds – pork, chicken, tuna, ika, and the ever famous ebi. :] Good thing allergy attacks didn’t arise.

My favorite is the one in the left. That something furai is so delicious!

There are also other viands served. I didn’t get their names as I was too busy getting food. πŸ˜› But I assure you of full palate pleasure.

It won't be complete without the gyoza. πŸ™‚

And Sambo Kojin won’t be complete without the grill…

These are overflowing.
Grill grill
My favorite grill stuff is beef strips with whatever veggies inside. Then, it was asparagus; now it's winter mushrooms.

If my father shoved the appetizer section, my mother lined up long for the desserts. Haha! Being the sweet tooth that she is, she waited long enough to get her fair share of sweets. I personally loved the chocolate fondue! I topped it with my vanilla ice cream (this photo doesn’t show it, sorry.)

Vanilla ice cream is the only ice cream I have been getting there. Hehe.
And there are still other desserts :

All in all, we were satisfied with the experience. We went back again for my sister’s birthday.

Happy and satisfied sibs. πŸ˜€

And the dining even proved to be better. Give it a try! Check out their Facebook page for more details!

* This blog entry is not paid for by the establishment.


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