The Makati Walking Tour

My friend, Yan, and I scheduled a “first life” date to talk about several things that involve our real life (Note: Errr… We somehow have a second life but let us keep this post first life-centered. 😛)

We planned having our lunch in 101 Hawker Food House in Urban Avenue. Our excitement and craving for Asian cooking was disappointed, though, as upon arriving the place at around 1:30PM, one of the servers told us they’re closed. 😦 And they were supposed to close at 3PM. But as we don’t want to stress out ourselves and as we want to make our day productive, we began our walking tour…

Since the original plan is Asian food and we want to go to a place we haven’t been to yet so I suggested Little Tokyo. This is a place where a bunch of authentic Japanese restaurants are located. We opted to eat in Kagura, one of the restos opened at that time, and also, because I have been craving for something which they specialize in. *wink*

The owner, obviously, is a baseball fan. 🙂

Kagura’s specialty is okonomiyaki. They offer the regular ones (which as far as I know is the Osaka style) which is the plain pancake with all the ingredients in and the “modern” okonomiyaki (which is the Hiroshima style) which has noodles added to it. We got the modern buta ta da (Errr… I hope I got that one correct) which has veggies and pork. 🙂

Okonomiyaki ♥ Photo: Yan

I didn’t expect that it is kinda huge and Yan and I ordered the same thing. LOL. It is yummy! But Yan didn’t finish her because it’s huge. 😛 (I finished mine because I’m just like that. LOL) We’d definitely return with our other friends and eat our hearts out! 😀

So after our late lunch, we went to the nearby Japanese groceries in the hope of finding some unusual Kitkat flavors but to no avail. So instead, we continued our walking tour in Legazpi Village on our way to Ayala Triangle since it will be Yan’s first trip there. Hehehe.

We passed by Rada and seen a newly opened mart. Of course, even if this is supposed to be a first life date, we had a “side trip”. 😛 Since Rada Mart (Yes, that’s the store’s name) is newly opened, we got ourselves free pens as we purchased our favorite Chilsung cider.

The free pen 😀 * Photo: Yan

Not minding our aching feet, we headed straight to the Ayala Triangles.

Photo: Yan

We rested a while before having our dessert. There is an Earth Hour activity sponsored by the Makati City Government that day…

Photo: Yan

And there were kids who are going to perform for the said event.

Will you believe he is already a 1st year high school student? Too cute this kid. 🙂 * Photo: Yan

We also took advantage of the afternoon’s beauty so, we took photos of ourselves. Nyahaha!

The Marix spam =)) * Photos: Yan
The Yan spam. Haha! * Photos: Marix, Edits: Yan

Afterwhich, off to Cara Mia we go for some sweet tooth fix. 🙂

Yan with her Merry Berries * Photo: Marix
Me enjoying my Banana Blast 🙂 * Photo: Yan

All-in-all, our trip was worth it! 😀 We were able to talk about what we’re supposed to and food tripping is a success! (Not to mention that I became a gumiho when we scanned the shelves in Landmark’s supermarket. Hehe.)

This was taken by one of the servers in Cara Mia. Sorry, Ate, for the hassle. 😛 We appreciate much even if we're blurred. Hehe. 🙂

Next Makati Walking Tour might be in a place where we would really love to go. No hints. 😛


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