Of Wars and Disasters

Last Saturday, me and my family (minus my younger sister who is at work) met with my father’s missionary friend who is attending a conference here in Manila. As you can see, my father is a seafarer and he met Bro. Robert when their vessel landed in South Africa.

Bro. Robert is a missionary to a lot of seafarers, many of which has become his friends. My father is one of them. I remember before, I was the one sending emails to him and his wife during the time that technology was not yet a trend (and my father, not yet that techie). Last Saturday, aside from us, several others visited him and there are still more who want to see him until their conference finishes end of this week.

My family with Bro Robert (center)

We had a lot of talks – family, missions, career, and just about anything. I was inspired though, with what he has to say about everything that has been happening to the world right now. His was the most positive outlook that I have heard of anyone regarding the disasters that has come across the surface of the earth.


What has happened in Japan just about a week ago

Aside from the Jesus second coming (which might be shocking and causing fear to several people), these things, as Bro. Robert mentioned, is an awakening. As all capabilities and possibilities fall short, cold hearts will return and depend on Him once more. It was short yet meaningful.

I was reminded, too, of a promise in Revelation 21:4, which goes:

He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever. (NLT)

So instead of panicking and being afraid, let’s go back to the One who’s got the whole world in His hands.


Tsunami photo

Bible Gateway


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