I’ll miss, Kit

Last week, my friend, Kit, and her husband, Rob, had their church wedding here in the Philippines. They had their month-long vacation so aside from making up with the lost time, the two had decided to (finally) have their church wedding here in Manila so that family and friends could share with them that special moment. 🙂

Kit is one of my so-called “soulmates”. I don’t really believe in soulmates but I just got fond of using this word for my friends who I share a lot of things with. She is someone I could talk to about anything without getting judged, even if we have varying tastes on almost everything (Haha! She for one is a rocker, I ain’t. You know. :P) Even as she left the country for a better opportunity, we still managed to keep in touch with each other with the help of technology.

This is us after the karaoke celebration of our Psych108 group's last day of school. College girls with unruly hair! LOL

Being a part of her special day is really something. She and her husband got married in Qatar, unknown to many of her friends (which included me. Haha!) and I was a bit surprised to find out. Among the group of three (Kit, Nika, and I), she was the one which we expected to get married the latest. Talk about her dis-interest in men (LOL) which Nika revealed during her wedding. As what she mentioned before, she is well-loved by her family and friends to look for that “love” in a partner. Maybe it’s just that Rob and Kit has found each other, and the rest is history. 🙂

During our grad photo shoot. Hahahaha!

Today is the day, Kit is on her way to the airport to leave for Qatar and return to everything they have left there.  I messaged her and told me that hopefully, we see each other again in December. I could only wish but with much hope, I really pray that happens!

Nika, Kit, Meeeee! ^^

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