Bus Commuter Woes

I’m part of the large number of the Philippine population who commutes everyday to and from work. Even during other days when I have to go somewhere, I commute. I don’t have that much money to spare in taking a cab all the time (and even if I do, I wouldn’t do it as often as one would think of)  and don’t ask me about my driving skills, you don’t wanna hear about that.

We all understand that Metro Manila traffic is bad (and that ‘bad’ is an understatement).  Yesterday, when I was about to go home, I realized several problems commuters like me encounter most of the time.

1. Surplus & Lack of buses

Where there are very few passengers, there is a whole lot of buses available. On the other hand, in some lanes going to another route, a lot of people are waiting but no bus comes along. The result, they go to the road’s center aisle just to make sure they’d be able to ride once a bus come along.

2. Drop off areas anywhere.

We commuters want to have all ease while we’re on our way to wherever. But then again, this desire leads to a more uncomfortable commuting life. It has been minimized (because there are MMDA personnel on the road to make sure buses drop people to appropriate places) but some would still drop passengers where they would yell, “Para!”

Why can’t we have real bus drop offs where people can equally fall in line? Would this be hard to administer?

3. Passengers not receiving their change.

Well, whether it’s just a peso or two, I believe commuters must receive their change especially when the bus conductor says he will. Whether the bus was overflowing with passengers or he is tired (well, most of the people in the bus are), the conductor, just like anyone else, should keep his word in returning the change when he says, “Sandali lang a…” More than my change, it’s a matter of principle – being true to your word.

Well, that’s it for now. In the future, I (along with other commuters) are hoping that this is not too far to fetch.


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