Winning Over Battles

I must admit, the last few days back were a struggle for me – catching up with deadlines in school, messed up communications with several people, compromised quiet time, a lot of tasks to finish at work… The list could just go on. And there I go, lost, or well, most likely, doing the swerve.

Those few days back is the battle I currently went into. It’s tough when I thought it would be simple. I’ve been through it and all went well. Sadly, circumstances aren’t the same all the time.

A while ago, my quiet time was on about Rehoboam & Abijah (2 Chronicles 12 and 13, New Living Translation version). The father and his son who both became kings of Judah during the time of the Judah-Israel split as written in the Bible.

In reflection, seems like I was Rehoboam the last few days. There was a time when he was firmly established and strong, he abandoned the law of the Lord… I felt that was what I have done with God; abandoned my time with him because I was busy. My heart was full of pride.

So God abandoned Rehoboam to Shishak (of Egypt). Rehoboam and his people humbled himself, though, so God did not completely destroy them. He received God’s mercy, yes, but he was never able to enjoy his relationship with God that well because he had reservations. That’s what I experienced. I thought I had everything good doing on for me but inside, there is something missing. I can’t fully enjoy all the blessings right in front of me because I forgot to look to the One who blesses me.


On the chapter 13 of 2 Chronicles, though, Rehoboam’s son, Abijah, is facing a different situation. Judah is to be conquered by Israel through the leadership of Jeroboam. In the battle, though outnumbered, Judah won because their king, Abijah knew the Lord is on their side.

In what I have been through the past days (how many times shall I repeat this phrase? Hehe.), I could think of myself as a loser (we all are) and claim defeat. But like Abijah, I know where I stand. Forgetting for a while does not mean forgetting forever. It’s God’s love which guided me back to Him.

As what my pastor always reminds us, “We are fighting, not for victory, but from victory!” Jesus has won it all for us. There is no need to doubt yourself. 🙂


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