UP in the 73rd UAAP

This post was inspired by June who mentioned in her tweet that instead of Maroons (UP’s moniker), she suggested to the CHK to maybe consider UP PLEASE or UP PARANG AWA MO NA (UP HAVE MERCY). =))

(For the record, my suggestion was UP NAMAAAAAN (I can’t think of a counterpart), and Shie‘s suggestion was UP UTANG NA LOOB (For this one too. Haha!) :p)

Oh, Oblation, I miss you!


Part of the reason why I chose to study in UP is because of the UAAP. I don’t know why but maybe, it’s in our culture to favor underdogs. UP is not La Salle nor is it Ateneo but there is something in its basketball team (which was the first sport aired via Studio 23 then) which drew me to it (Well, I’m no super fan but I do watch and support the team since I was in high school and watch the games live if I have time.)

Maybe, just maybe, I’m among those hopefuls who really see UP’s potential. However, some things which I (and I’m sure other fans) look forward to seeing this coming season. Since I’m not a very technical person when it comes to basketball, please bear with my capacity. I only got  three points to share:

1. Strengthen field goals. There are good three-point shooters from the UP roster. However, sometimes during the game, when desperation sinks in (leading all the way until the third quarter until the opponent catches up and leads instead), it is better that the team shoot sure shots from the inside.

2. Play as a team. Even if we disregard it, UP has its own share of buwakaw players. If we really want to win, let’s play as one. We always say puso (heart) but do our hearts beat as one? Let’s do it! Gel together as one.

3. Humility is a key. The team must continuously learn to humble themselves to leadership and a player should never think he’s useless just because he isn’t captain ball. Everyone’s got a role to play. 🙂

This year, many people believe UP has the potential to become a dark horse. Let’s see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Make us proud! Let’s support the different UP Teams (Yes, not just the MBT.) for this season’s UAAP! 🙂

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to mock on UP MBT or the UP Athletic Teams. Hello?! I’m a fan. Just pointing out several observations. 🙂

(EDIT: Also, when UP is not playing, I’ll be cheering for DLSU. I’m Maroon and Green anyway. :D)

Photo Credits: Virtual Tourist


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