Stardom Complex

It’s been a long time since I was able to write a blog and here I am wanting to share to you something; something I have myself which the Lord exposed as well. 🙂

I was having my devotion this morning on the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11. As most of us are familiar with the passage, we see familiar names as well – there’s Abraham, Noah, Abel, Moses… The list could just go on.

But between the lines of the said chapter, are people whose names weren’t mentioned. Some of them even “… died  in faith without having received the promises…” (v.13) but did we hear them retaliate or demand to have their deeds or identity made known?

It’s a reminder for me, honestly. There (were) times in my Christian life when I long to be recognized by people leading me, people I work with, people under my wing to be taken care of. I would throw tantrums, hide my pain, or find ways of release. But then again, as I grew, I realized that acknowledgment is  not what I’m here for.

These nameless heroes remained heroes even if their names were not written in the Faith Hall of Fame. More than anything else, “All these were approved through their faith…” (v.39). Now who approved of them? No one else but our Father in heaven who sees everything we do and never takes our service for granted.

After reading such, I pray that I depend not on man’s approval. I want to be one which “The world was not worthy of…” (v.38), and even as Jesus could reward me in this life because He came to give me life in all its fullness, I know and I believe that He “…had provided something better for us” (v. 40); maybe not here, but then again, we are “…foreigners and temporary residents on the earth” (v.13) – just a passing through. 🙂


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