Practiced my Right to VOTE

It’s the first time to conduct automated counting in the elections. It’s also my first time to vote.

Many problems encountered. Long lines. No system. Hotheaded people. Stuck PCOS machine.

Many people waiting outside.


PCOS machine glitch.

The feeling was different after, though. You have done something. You made your part. You did not shrug things off.

I’m so proud of myself and all fellow Filipinos for making our voices heard. To those who weren’t able to do so, I’m proud that they are on guard and practicing vigilance. That’s the best they could do and it’s good that they’re doing their part.

As what I’ve mentioned in a post I’ve made in Facebook, “MANINDIGAN. Lumabas at bumoto! Wag na munang maginarte. Ang apat na oras na gugugulin mo sa pila ay maliit na kontribusyon lang sa susunod na anim na taon ng Pilipinas.”

Proud "V"oter 🙂

Philippines, this is for us and our future!


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