My Vote Goes To…

Just a few days to go and it’s the 2010 elections. I have been very excited to vote since it’s my first time to do so, and well, it’s the National Elections. Plus, it’s the first automated elections (which I am crossing my fingers on). I lined up and took several days of leave just to have me register in the City of Taguig.

Last year, I was inclined to voting this particular President-VP tandem. However, my heart is not wholeheartedly into it. It was only until Bro. Eddie Villanueva declared that he is going to run (Which is what I have been anticipating on), I know definitely who to vote for.

I am for Bro. Eddie!

Credentials-wise, I don’t think he’s left behind. (Other presidentiables run out of hype, without even proven to do well in their previous posts, may it be in the government or not.) He is not bound to anyone and he has COMPASSION. I think that’s one thing that sets him apart from the other candidates.

I used to think that he is bitter from losing the 2004 elections. Not until seeing the works of the present administration that I see for myself the basis of the things which  thought were just accusations. He is not bitter; he’s just stating a thing which was DONE. (This entry from The Juan Country could give you a better light.)

I can be very skeptical about him but no man is without any mistakes. I know of several Christians who point out his supposed “alliance” when he attended the service of Apollo Quiboloy where Bro. Eddie mentioned the former is a “preacher of righteousness”. However, will you judge a person out of one mistake in his words (given what Bro. Eddie means by it is really a mistake)?

Personally I’d say I’m willing to overlook that act. Having a firm position on important issues is a more relevant basis of voting for me over some word mistake.

As a Filipino, my heart goes to my countrymen. If we want change, let’s begin it now. As a Christian, more than a patriotic obligation, leading the country is a spiritual obligation – and voting is as well. 🙂


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