Let’s help Haiti

The other day, I was not even aware it happened, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 has struck Haiti. As told, thousands might be injured (and we hope not) killed.

Even the first palace was not exempted from the occurrence.

I was never very much acquainted with the country until we’ve had a client from the said country, the contact person – a Filipina.  We’ve had one deployed worker there as well; and apart from that, I believe there are many Filipinos and Filipino families in Haiti now. I have sent an email yesterday morning but as the news stated, there are power and communication problems in the area brought by the massive earthquake. I want to know if their situation is well. Also found out from Twitter that four Filipino peacekeepers were trapped in the UN building in Haiti.

To anyone who may be reading my post, if you could help me in any way in contacting anyone in Haiti to check if these people I know are doing ok, I’m requesting for it. It would definitely mean a lot (especially to the worker’s family who has been asking if I have any updates since yesterday).

A large part of the country was really, REALLY affected

Aside from Filipinos in Haiti, my heart goes to the Haitians. I hope that even as this unexpected phenomenon, they’d get by. Same goes to the other nationalities already residing in Haiti. My prayer is that we work together in this.

Meanwhile, for anyone who would like to offer some help, MSNBC website has some information HERE. (This may be for people living in the US only. Will have to check other sites for information for countries outside US.) There are also links from Ellen DeGeneres’ PAGE on how to help.

Finally, the best thing that we could do is PRAY. It never fails when all else does.

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