365 in 2010: Day 2

I spent most of the break home. Some people just drop by to pay us a visit. Hehe. The earliest one we had today is our Pastor’s daughter.

Kids will always be kids: This little girl has pen marks all over her limbs. Haha! 😛

She is 2 years old. Our Pastor had a meeting with my Nanay and her bestfriend regarding some details on whatevers. Hehe. Then Ishi (that’s this kiddo’s name) came along with him.

Because she still doesn’t want to go home, well, we decided to babysit her. Hahaha! Watched Nick toons, fixed her hair, played with the only Barbie left in the house, and brought home some goodies. Hahaha!

She went home with a small bayong containing the stuff. Anyway, when my mother and brother sent her there, she would again return to our house saying, “Uwi na ako sa bahay.” (“I will go back home.”) Hahahahaha!


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