Post-Christmas Post (Errr… Haha!)

A lot has happened this year – the global economic downturn, lots of celebrity deaths, local devastation brought by successive typhoons, political rivalries leading to deaths of the innocent… And those were just the highlights.

But as they say, you learn a lot from the journeys you take. All the experiences may not be good or seemingly beneficial but it brought a lot of realizations and values.

I thank God for everything – both the good and the not so good. These things made me assess what my goals are and how do I attain them; they also made me stick to my principles, not allowing them to be tainted by anything.

Anyway, this year may be struggling but it ended well for me (I hope it’s the same for everyone else.) One thing, I am so grateful for the Christmas parties and gatherings I’ve been to. Made me see the friends I have and the new people I’ve met which are bound to be. Hehe. 🙂


The Parties I have been to this year are as follows:

JCCI Christmas Party
EDI Christmas Party
Young Adult Christmas Party

The Edge Kiddie Party


We don’t know what 2010 holds for us. It may not turn out as we want it to be but every single day we have must be seized “because tomorrow’s unsure.” (Just copied that from some else tweet, I forgot who. Hehe.)

All the love! 🙂


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