Movie Review: (500) Days of Summer

Spent my Monday holiday with friend, Diane (Oops, we forgot to get a pic of us. Hehe.) Well, we were supposed to go out last Saturday but due to typhoon Santi and his/her/its strong winds and raindrops, we were unable to do so. We then decided to pursue the plans today. Agenda: Bring brotha for him to roam around MOA and the two of us watch (500) Days of Summer. Hehe.

Prior to the viewing of the said movie, I’ve been asking friends on feedback about the movie. I did a little research as well regarding what other people can say about it. Mixed reviews. But that did not stop us from watching it. (After all, Diane and I, being the optimists that we are call ourselves sunny people. She is Sunshine; I am Summer. Should I miss the chance watching a movie with one of the lead stars having the same name as my alter-ego? HAHAHA! Crazy me. :P)

The first parts of the movie – BORING!!! Actually, the movie all throughout is boring. But being boring does not equate to being uninteresting (Haha! Confusing??? :P)

(500) Days is a story about Tom and Summer. In the beginning, the narrator states that it is not a love story. Fine. But behind my mind, “What else could it be?”

There you go, it is the usual boy-meets-girl story as the narrator suggested. However, as what we said a while ago after the movie is done, it aimed to go past the conventional love stories – that is, minus the mushy moments, witty romantic script exchanges, and grand gestures which will make you just say, “Awww… :)”

(500) Days aimed to deliver the realities of “love”, as most of us experience. It tried to show the audience that not because you feel as such, it is true; and that not everything that you wish for is what’s meant to be. Most of the time, there might be some reality which you are failing to see because you refuse to see and instead, dwell in the past which you believe should be your present and your future.

As always, I try to find some personal lessons in every movie I see. For (500) Days of Summer, they are as follows:

1. My belief that in relationships there should be no gray areas, strengthened more. Tom and Summer had that arrangement. They never served each other with service as it should be when you love.

2. Intimacy and commitment should always go together. What you give out and take in are things which are totally related to the level of commitment you have (or want to give) with another person.

3. Love is special. It might be something you cannot explain yourself but one thing’s for sure, it is real.

4. When you are in your lowest point and in your saddest, make use of your emotions or your current situation wisely. It is never bad to divert your energy on things which yields good results.

5. Grieve, yes; but give yourself a chance to move on. When one season in your life is over, for sure, another one is coming; and it might be the one for you. 🙂


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The Crank Critic


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