Byebye, Team Mate!

We’ve been together for quite some time but last Thursday, my teammate, Mariel bid us goodbye to say hello to a new venture.

I will never forget how good she has been to me, teaching me the hoops and turns in recruitment and all the other processes in the nature of our work. She has been like an older sister to me (Sorry, girl. Hehehe. :P) as she never failed to assist me and back me up on a whole LOT of things – things I don’t have any idea about.

Ngayon, I hope I could do well as she did. Shocks, naiiyak lang ako ulit. 😥 I truly appreciate having Mariel around, not just as a teammate but as a friend. Though we are not of the same clique, hindi nya naman ako inaaway (Hehehe!) and we talk about several things, too, aside from work.

I will miss her: the rants, the OTs, the dinners during OTs, the cab services whenever we do OTs (Puro OT lang? :P), the LOOOOOOOOOOONG group meetings, techie talks and troubleshooting, our agreement in filing leaves, etc, etc, etc. Kahit na sabi ko noon, ako dapat mauna mag-resign kesa sa’yo at di yun nangyari, ok lang… Haha!

Our Team
Our Team: Myself, Mariel, and our Boss, SMS

And all I could say is I hope she does well with her new endeavor. I know that it would be a challenge but with her skills and work attitudes, it is not something which she could not do.

Break a leg, girl! 🙂


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