Why Sometimes You Would Just Want to Let Go of Being Filipino

This is not anything about my personal details. Haha! But anyway, here’s why…

Next year will be the 2010 elections. I know. I am 22 years old to date. I have been really excited to vote last 2006 because it will be the first election that I was supposed to join; that time, I was 19.

So there I go, in the COMELEC office of my city (Taguig) which is located at the Municipal Hall. We lined up for like one week just to have ourselves registered. We are young hopefuls looking forward to participating in such an important event as the elections. We would want to take part in selecting who we want to lead our locality and some of the to-be officials of the country. However, we failed. We thought then, we should have registered earlier. We did it the last minute because as students that time, a lot of deadlines were given to us.

Anyway, I wanted to change things and decided I should have myself registered for the 2010 elections. After all, this will be the time where I get to vote for the national officials I want to put to post – not only for the Senate but also for the highest position in the country – the President of the Republic.

Since June, me and few friends would go back and forth the COMELEC office in our city hall in Taguig. I usually schedule my leaves  before weekends since those are times when there is not much load in the office. And everytime I would go there, they would say that they are not open. What the heck! Shouldn’t it be that COMELEC offices in every locality open all weekdays???

Anyway,  after that, I scheduled my leave on either a Monday or Tuesday only to find out that there are cut-offs with the registration (Usually, they only allot 200 slots for registrants.) I again asked what the heck is wrong with them??? I’ve asked my friends from other localities if they have ever experienced such but to my amazement, most of them just told me that get to finish their registration for an hour or two and there are no cut-offs being imposed! GRRR…

But I didn’t lose Some other time when I get to file a leave, I again, went to the city hall early in the morning, in the hope of getting a slot. FAILED. I was there 7am and me and my friends were SOOOO far behind. We are really even surprised to know that some people are lining up 4am or 5am when the COMELEC office opens as they say at 8am. GOLLY!!!

Now, as I really feel almost hopeless, we didn’t have any options but as for help from someone working in the municipality to give us tips. FAILED again! Waited for nothing.

I am asking myself why I am so eager to be registered and vote. Looking around me, I find answers.
I am asking myself why I am so eager to be registered and vote. Looking around me, I find answers.

Sometimes,  I would just want to sob on all the leaves I have made just have myself registered and practice my right to choose a leader for this country. I would ask myself sometimes, “Why am I giving myself a hard time, anyway? Should I just be apathetic since the Philippines “has never improved”( as most people would say) anyway?”

Haaay… But then again, I don’t want to be part of that un-improvement my country is experiencing right now. I want to be a part of its change – for the good (If we cannot make it better yet.)

Right now, well… I don’t know if I can still make a leave from the office because of some changes that we will be having but well… There is one thing I am sure of: I really won’t let go being Pinoy. I still love my country no matter what and I will find a way to show that.

Photo Credits (without permission):

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism


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