Movie Review: Up

Who said traveling in a flying house is impossible? Well, we all know that a TV show of such title existed in the 80s but this thing was revived in the 21st century with Disney and Pixar’s Up.

Carl Frederikson is a kid who likes adventure but keeps it to himself. He was only able to voice out his dream of traveling to far places when he met Ellie, a young girl who wanted to put up her house just right after Paradise Falls in South America.

Years passed by and the two built their dreams together. Then came the time when the promise they made to each other to live in Paradise Falls was only left for Carl to make.

Now that their area was made into an industrial place, how will Carl Frederikson save the memories he and Ellie had, particularly the house where the two of them began their adventure together? Will his new friend, wilderness expert, Russell, gain his “assisting the elderly” badge and help Carl reach South America as a cross-my-heart-promise to Ellie?

Up is more than just a movie of reaching a far-flung place via a house which flies on gazillions of balloons. It is a story of reaching – reaching your aspirations and reaching out to other people.

Aside from giving me tears even without yet getting to the first half, the movie never failed to give the audience a good taste of humor from start to finish. And like any other Pixar movie, it goes deep down your humanness and allows you to search yourself and have several realizations – in a colorful manner.

Up’s also gained me some important life lessons. These are:

1. Moving on is essential. Don’t get stuck and feel miserable.

2. For every single thing that comes to an end, a new thing is about to flourish. Never inhibit yourself from experiencing it.

3. Greed gets you down. And the cliff where you could fall from is higher than you could imagine.

4. Power is not everything. Hence, use it properly.

5. Never let your hurts get the best of you. Learn from it and don’t hold grudges.

6. Creativity brings you to places. So let all of it flow!

7. Never be afraid of intimidation. You are your own self and are made to stand out. It doesn’t matter if you are alpha or whatever.

8. There are circumstances which requires our stepping up and going an extra mile. Just give it. It won’t hurt you.

9. It pays to be loyal. Seriously. Hehe. 🙂

10. Sometimes, it’s the boring stuff which you remember the most. 🙂

It sure came late in the country but it’s worth the watch. Two thumbs up for Up! 🙂

P.S. Don’t come to the cinema late so you could catch the short film before the feature entitled Partly Cloudy. 🙂

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The Geek Free Press


3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Up

  1. So far, this has been my favorite Pixar movie. Wall-E comes second na lang. Haha!

    Chris, have you seen it already? Hahaha! Hindi ba blocked dyan? 😛

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