Ate Moments :)

I have always been an ATE (Pronounced as /ah-te/, not /eyt/ LOL) to all my friends. No matter what the age (Yeah, some of those friends are even older than me yet… Well. Hahaha! Not that I complain. Hehe.), I am the perennial “older sister” (That’s what an ATE means in Filipino for those who haven’t encountered the word yet.)

As of the moment, I, again, have an ATE moment. Hehe. 🙂

One of my friends is having her 18th birthday. As we all know, here in the Philippines, it is a tradition to celebrate a young lady’s 18th birthday since it is a mark of her leaving the childhood years and welcoming young aadult life.

I was requested by this young friend to help her out with the preparations for her debut (That is how 18th birthdays are fondly called in the Philippines as well. :D) So, being someone who is excited with events and dressing up (Yeah, that is one BIG factor why I love friend events!), I openly and wholeheartedly agreed. 😀

After weeks and weeks of delay, last Saturday; my friend who’s having her birthday, my other friend who is the celebrator’s uncle, myself, together with my whole family (Who’s always involved in everything. Hahaha!), and my Nanay’s (Mom) best friend had a meeting in our house (Ok, you can’t blame my family for being around since we’re in our house. Yeah? :P) to do the birthday program.

Boy, it was tiring! I mean, I celebrated my 18th birthday but was able to somehow prepare given 2 weeks time (Noooo… Don’t tell me it’s rush. Haha!) but since we want to make this celebration as contemporary and un-traditional as possible, we really have to squeeze our creative juices off our brains. LOLOLOLOL

So there, over nachos and onion-and-garlic-and-sour-cream-and-mayo (I don’t know what they call it), we brainstormed and finally, came up with a program we think is somehow traditional yet exciting *fingers crossed* Of course, the thing should be approved by the celebrator.

Then I looked back… The time I was informed to get involved with the whole thing, I had this inner urge to do something special for my friend – You know, ATE moments strike back! (Yes, the idea of making things special for other people.)

Weee! I had an idea, looked for possible things to make that idea possible, hoped for the best, and VOILA! It did happen! Now all I am anticipating is for the day of the celebration!

What could my surprise be?

Surprise! Surprise!

(I do hope it really surprise her. :D)


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