Some people expect you to abide with them with everything even if you’re trying your best to do something about it yet you can’t. 

Disappointing them makes you end up being taken for granted, given a cold shoulder or harsh treatment. It’s tiring.

It hurts, yes. Sometimes it feels like you are never good enough no matter how you try. They insist and insist; you try your best but whatever efforts you put is next to impossible yet that is not what’s seen and remembered and instead, you are being recognized as the-one-who-did-wrong-you-deserve-to-be snubbed.

But now I would not give in. I will try taking this as long as I can. I did not do anything wrong and made things clear. I need not explain anything. I was insisted and would have been convinced but I really can’t do what I was asked of because of (I believe) valid reasons. I have done favors in the past wherein I really tried my best and have met the goals and I’m willing to do so if I can. Thing is I was never understood if I can’t. I’m always expected to meet everything but I can’t do that all the time…


2 thoughts on “Pains…

    1. Hay, gurl… You know… There are some people who treasure your one mistake over all the good that you’ve done. But hey! Maybe we should not be wasting our efforts on them, right? 🙂

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