I don’t know about you but I am among those people who believe that you were meant to meet several people with who you share a very important part of your life with. I have met people as such and I thank God for their contribution to my wonderful life story.

Ok, it’s been like more than a year already since I first met the 3rd person from our MT group from the first company I worked in. Well, my first bud in the office was the person who came next to me because we have no choice (Hehe. Just kidding.), we were working in the same office and our team’s patterned similarly. It never crossed my mind that I will be friends with MT number 3 because of the following reasons:

1. She did not have the same student number as I have.

2. She came from a UAAP rival school in cheerdancing (I may not now but I was so paranoid into thinking that she is this person who was so obsessed with school spirit. I don’t want to get into any kinds of fight. Hehehe.)

3. She is a Chemical Engineer by title. I loved chemistry in high school and college but what can I share regarding that subject? The only thing that lingers with me everytime that subject will be discussed are pheromones and the chemistry of love since it’s our group’s special topic when I took up chemistry in college. Nyahaha!

4. She appears to be so airy; a snob – someone who could live alone in this world without the help of other people. My golly! Being the paranoid that I am, I told myself I would not get along well with this kind of person.

And then some big change… Since our company is expanding and we are renting a new office, our team was transferred from the 19th floor to the 7th floor, the room just right next to another old office of ours.

It was planned that all MTs will be staying in the new office. However, since the team managers thought that it would be quite difficult working with a teammate who is 12 floors away from you, some of our fellow MTs stayed in the office where their team is working. The only ones who had the privilege to occupy the new room were 4 of us: Myself, Alfie, Chris, and Diane. Nicole was supposedly transferring to our room but lo and behold! She was transferred to a different division, so there. Chris was also transferred to the same division where Nicole moved so from the 10 MTs which were originally hired, it was just Myself, Alfie, and Diane who stayed together in one room.

Since all of us stayed in one room, we had no choice but to bear each other’s faces. Hehehe. Alfie being the guy well, do not really bond with us all the time. Also, due to their group dynamics, it’s unpredictable of when he can join us. I was left to be with Diane (Hahaha! It seemed forced.:P)

Even if Diane and i stayed in the same room, we never really hand out with each other right away. Diane ate lunch with Abby, our former receptionist, until such time that Abby’s contract ended and Diane was forced (Wahehe!) to join me and Nicole. But since in the company, different teams have different dynamics, Nicole and I sort of drifted apart because of our schedules.

Diane and I then started to ate lunch together. It’s a good thing since most of the time, I don’t want to go late lunching and she wants to do everything on time – from eating lunch to leaving at exactly 5:30 pm. I don’t know what started the fluidity of our conversations but we then realized that we share a lot of things in common – from PC children’s games to cheesy animes and TV shows and movies; from our birth month (our birthdays are 2 days apart) to our beliefs and experiences on love, life, and everything in between. There might be several differences between the two of us but those are things which we will not fight over, definitely.

Aside from lunch, everything that Diane and i did together was a bonding moment: breakfast in the pantry when we are running late and trying to be early; freshening up to start the day right; CR moments :P; buying lunch; eating lunch; depositing money to our savings; buying afternoon chi-cha; going to Cheesecake, etc. to satisfy that sweet tooth craving; dropping by the mall after work to eat at the food court, buy toiletries, and buy gift items or clothing for personal use… There have been a lot of things which we shared together, and even if we sometimes get bored because the other won’t really do anything by joining the other, we never complain. Hehe. Give and take – that’s the friendship that we’ve had. Even if our activities sometimes tend to bore each other, I never got tired of her anime sharing or her kilig moments sharing, and she never got tired of my clumsiness stories and my Ps.

Aside from sharing the same birth month, Diane and I shared something else – pursuing our dreams. That’s the reason why we came into a conversation of really doing what we should do. However, I did not know it was too soon for her. I told her it should be fair that I go first since I was the first one to be employed in our company – FIFO: first in, first out. But then again, well, well, well, I might have become too lax or too busy because she blurted out the news that she will be transferring to another company where she could practice what she studied about. At first, I thought it would still be long before she transfers but no, last Friday was her last day in the office.

It was saddening on my part because during our last week as lunch buddies, we were not able to really spend time with each other because our team was busy with a particular account. We were not able to go home together; I was not able to accompany her in buying food for lunch; we were not able to talk well during our free time because I have to rush to finish off something. And earlier, it was my first day to not have my constant lunchmate and kwento buddy. It was so hard to adjust. Even if you have your other friends around you, it is different to have your partner-in-crime beside you. I feel like transferring to another neighborhood where I can be friends with anyone else around but no one to tell the things which I really feel…

Hay, but life has to move on. I told an office mate earlier that I will be moving on once this blog is written, and that I hope. 🙂 I pray that Diane really achieves her dreams; she deserves them. And I will follow her suit. That would not be for long. Hehehe.

I’m not a very techie person (Diane’s been my resource person for most of the techie stuffs as well) so here we are!

Very few pics of Diane and I together. Hehe. Where are our pics???
Very few pics of Diane and I together. Hehe. Where are our pics???

2 thoughts on “Lunchmate

  1. Hhhmm it seems I know this person hahaha… At ang pics natin malabo nga pro may epek nman hehehe parang wala akong copy nyan pic sa harap…

    Muka ba tlga akong mataray?? haha madami ng nagsabi sa akin ng ganyan hehe siguro kse nababasa sa muka hahahahaha

    Napansin ko nga nun week na un d tyo maxado nakapagbonding chevers maxado hehe o wellz gnun tlga okay lang may text at call at ym nman so carry lang hehe

    ayun basta ingats ka lagi lunchmate hehehe

    PS parang wala maxado sense comment ko wala ako maisip e

    1. Hahaha! Really now, you know this person? But obkors, kelangan ng techie epek because wala nang magtuturo sa akin nun sa opis (YM na lang tayo. :P)

      Muka kang mataray or siguro aloof, that would be more apt. Well, since magkadugo tayo, ganyan din ang comments na natatanggap ko so that explains it.

      Lunchmate! Haha! May isa pa tayong tawagan, nakalimutan ko. The term na pinanganak din sa lunchmate. LOL

      Ingat ka kay SMS dyan sa opis mong bago. Hahaha!

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