Super Randomness Post Before I Go to Sleep (or can I?)

I just got home about 20 minutes ago. A friend invited me to her friend’s church to watch this Christian artist, Bob Fitts. He’s cool! Gave me some doze of P&W vibe as I start the week. Was also really blessed by his family’s ministry and he’s got a cool wife who sings with him on stage.

Had dinner in Kimono Ken Morato. Food was great. I was thinking, maybe in a short period of time, I might become a Jap food lover (Well, I love Jap food but that wouldn’t be my first choice of resto to go to when I go out); acquaintances love Jap food, friends love Jap food, team loves Jap food… There. Haha!

Known Ate Anne’s friend, Anne. After some time talking, I discovered we know a common person. Hehe. Next time I talk with my friend I’d mention her. They worked in one company for some time in the past.

Ahay! I have this friend who has one of the poorest eyesights I know. She tells me that she doesn’t initiate talking to people because she barely recognizes them except when they are closer to her.

This friend, though, sees things which she is not supposed to see. I wonder why. Haha! Earlier, she said she saw P1 at the back seemingly waiting for me. I asked her how is she being so sure when she hasn’t had her glasses then. Wareber, friend. I don’t believe you.

On our way home, when we were already in Magallanes, I fell asleep as my friend fell asleep while her sister and her sister’s husband drives. Hehe. Now I can’t sleep. I just hope I know how to set myself into hibernate mode. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


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