American Idol – Top Downloads Week

I was out the whole day so I wasn’t able to catch AI’s livestreaming earlier. I waited for the delayed broadcast via Star World and I am so happy I’m on leave today and I don’t need to wait until 8pm to see it.

I don’t want to let pass my thoughts on tonight’s episode so here’s my deal on the Top 9:


1. Anoop Desai – Caught Up

Anoop’s performance is not really bad, it’s not good either. It was forced and boring. It was just as if he sang the song – DONE! He might be in the bottom 3 tomorrow and I’m afraid that if he don’t do something and pick up a better challenge per week, he may totally lose his luster. He’s lookingbetter now, though.

megan 2. Megan Corkrey – Turn Your Lights Down Low

In the beginning of the song, I though Megan would do great (As what I always say, I like the fullness of her voice) However, like Anoop, her performance was so boring! More boring, in fact I don’t wanna finish it ’cause I can’t endure hearing her anymore as I wasn’t interested (anymore) anyway.

It’s an off-factor as well that she seems to be just relying on her fanbase and don’t have any intentions of improving herself or doing something out of the judges comments of her week after week.

3. Danny Gokey – What Hurts the Most


I’m very vocal in saying that Danny is not among my favorite contestants. Maybe it’s because of too much overpraising done to him by the judges even if he’s not that well with his performance.

This evening, though, his is among the top brilliant performances. While singing, I could say that the emotions are so raw, so natural. My favorite part would be the one during the last chorus where they raised the momentum of the song and made Danny give out even more of himself to those watching and listening him.

allison4. Allison Iraheta – Don’t Speak

There really is something odd with Allison’s outfit. Maybe she just had this tripping and decided she’d dress the way she did during the performance evening.

But then again, there has been too much comment on the packaging, the outfit, the identity; that the judges actually forgot to give a comment on the girl’s performance. I also don’t think Allison shouted the song.

I’d have to give her some kudos for being just so herself earlier as she takes what the judges have to say about her. No bitter faces or words. 🙂

5. Scott MacIntyre – Just the Way You Arescott

For the first time, I wouldn’t put Scott in my Bottom 3 for tomorrow. I hope he doesn’t go yet.

I appreciated Scott’s new hairstyle. Hahaha! Finally, his stylist came into his/her senses and used a brush on Scott’s hair. Aside from the new hairstyle, Scott’s performance earlier isn’t boring at all. There is effort, there is trueness, there is a breaking of that barrier that he’s always had with the audience. For the first time, I can finally relate to what he’s doing – even before he started with the words of his song.


6. Matt Giraud – You Found Me

I have to disagree with the judges’ assessment on Matt.

First, I don’t think Matt is trying to sound like The Fray. He’s doing his own thing on the song, nothing more, nothing less.

Second, I don’t think there is confusion with who Matt wants to be as an artist. Sometimes I just don’t get how they advise some candidates to explore and try something new with his or her performance and there are times when they try something different, do good at it and still, it didn’t work out. Ho-hum!

Lastly, Matt’s performance is sexy; the sound of his voice, the speaking of each word – it’s heartfelt, it’s true (this is not biased just because I like Matt) He should not go tomorrow, America! Hehe. 😀

7. Lil Rounds – Surrender lil

Everyone knows Lil has an awesome voice. It’s been the Top 9 already but I am never feeling her presence in the competition. One night even, I was thinking who the remaining finalists are in AI and I forgot who the other one is until upon repeating and repeating, we finally decoded that it was Lil.

I don’t know what Lil can do but she could bear in mind Simon’s comments earlier for a clue. Because in assessment, she just sing songs to stay. Nothing special about it.


8. Adam Lambert – Play That Funky Music

So, is Adam loving the sleek ‘do?

No other contestant in AI can direct a stage the way Adam Lambert does. He’s just so into the zone when he performs. Didn’t much like his performance tonight because I am somehow detach to it (Or maybe this is just a hangover from his Tracks of my Tears performance last week?) But I love the dancing (Haha!) and the bell-bottom jeans.

9. Kris Allen – Ain’t No Sunshinekris

I didn’t even know Kris plays the piano! (If ever he’s done that during the elims, my bad, I haven’t been religiously watching the elims and the only clips I have seen of him are those where he is just with himself, no musical instruments whatsoever)

Anyway, I thought I’d just like Kris because he’s good looking but really, this guy’s serious; he knows what he’s doing, he’s not arrogant and too proud not to listen if he’s been given a criticism. He’s getting better week after week; and not only does he have a better voice but musicality as well. Add to that, he is, in a proper pacing, getting more and more in touch with his emotions that it is becoming well communicated to his audience. This time Kara’s got the number-word thing!

That’s it for now. All the stuff I want to write in just slipped away.

Predictions for the Results Evening tomorrow

Bottom 3: Anoop, Megan, Lil (This is my own preference. Hekhek.)


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