Greetings Heartaches Gratitude

I would like to greet all the graduates of this school year a happy and fun-filled graduation! Cliche as it may sound, you are entering a new chapter in life, no matter what level you will be graduating from.

I would like to greet my sister who will be graduating with a degree in Pharmacy. Hehehe! Ayan, there’s only one more sib to go and we’re all done! Once you earn bigger than I do, kindly give me some capital to start my own business. Wakoko! Seriously, I hope you do good!:)

I would also want to greet my sisters classmates and batchmates in high school since most of them are graduating, too, this year. I have had a lot of friends from your batch so you mean a lot to me. 🙂

I would also want to greet my friend Jermaine. Hahaha! *Crossing fingers* You will graduate! Never allow yourself tell you that you won’t. Instead, tell yourself  you’ll go places. Remember you told me before you have plans in improving yourself (primarily your handwriting? Hehehehe.)? Special mention ka pa sa entry na ito. Hehehehe.

I would also want to greet my friend, Trish. Aba, Patricia! Where’s your grad pic that you’re going to give me? I am waiting… LOL. I hope to see you the soonest.

I would also want to greet the 4th year high school students from Bagumbayan National High School particularly those who became my students for a day. Thank you, guys, for making me a part of your high school life. You fulfilled one of my greatest dreams. 🙂 I hope you would always remember Ate Marix, and I hope you reach for your goals. They will be graduating tomorrow.

And to all graduates, happy, happy graduation! It is an end but also a beginning.  Go start it right. 🙂


Just yesterday I remembered my high school best friend.

I have this commitment to purity ring which was given to me by a friend. Well, it’s actually a two-piece ring which I have other plans for until my high school best friend saw it and without hesitations, got the other half for herself. Hehe.

Anyway, it’s been almost 6 years since we left high school and I am continuously thinking about the other half of my commitment ring – thinking if my friend is taking care of it and value it the way I do (for whatever purpose it may serve her).

Even if I don’t regularly connect with my high school friends, I try to contact them from time to time. However, given the space and distance, we rarely see each other; we rarely hear from each other.

Me and my high school best friend had a labo-labo communication. She and her family were staying in a place within my reach until her mother decided to go to the province, and since my high school best friend is going to school, she decided to stay with a relative, some place not within my reach.

I never heard much from her. We text each other from time to time, send messages via networking sites, etc. I never suspected anything until she called me earlier. I wonder why.

Today has been a really busy one for me. I haven’t even finished the minutes of the last meeting which I was suppose to send to everyone in the organization (but well, I’ll do that tomorrow) and I have to answer a few prospect questions. My high school best friend called me up in the office for like 3 to 4 times but I’m around elsewhere. And then at about 5:30pm, we had the chance to talk.

She told me to not get surprised – I somehow had the hunch of what she is about to say. I didn’t have any reaction coz even for a few seconds, I had myself ready. I may not tell her and it may not sound like it in my voice but I am hurt. I don’t know. We were together dreaming then and saddening is an understatement for me to express what I feel that I will be dreaming on my own now.


I thank my guy friends – the true ones. These people are blessed and wise enough to know how to treat girls and ladies properly. I believe all will go well with them. (I wish my brother will grow up to be one, too.)


4 thoughts on “Greetings Heartaches Gratitude

  1. yeah i know. at one point or another some people just do change their minds faster than us. so sometime we feel like we’re left behind. sigh!

    1. hehe. you know, you dream with some people then suddenly you find yourself just dreaming alone. alam mo yun, you can’t blame others naman with what has happened kahit na choice nila yun. well, well, well.

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