American Idol season 8 – Motown Night

Haha! This is my first ever post re: AI Season 8. Didn’t have immediate bets from the beginning of the season but right now… I still don’t. Hehe. Have some favorites, though. Basically this post is regarding the contestants’ performances earlier (I thought of writing of my impressions of each of the Top 13 but it’s been two weeks old already and I want what’s on.) so here it goes:

1. Matt Giraud – Let’s Get It On matt

I would have to agree with the judges – Matt has proven to be one of the front-runners in the competition. His take on the song was just beyond words – soft, strong, emotional but not overacting; brilliant! As how the judges usually put it. I would have to thank the Wild Card round because if not for that, this one heck of a singer wouldn’t be in it. Matt has been my bet from the auditions because of the attack he made with his audition piece. Never thought though he’d be this strong come competition time but his getting there.

kris2. Kris Allen – How Sweet It Is

If there would be one thing, or make that two things, to love about Kris Allen aside from his good boyish looks (and square jaw. Haha!) is the sincerity of his performances and the ability to infuse himself with the song he is interpreting. It doesn’t hurt, too, that it seems (for me) like he’s always singing for his wife during the performances; the emotions are just there! Reading his profile in the American Idol site shows how he really, really loves his wife; lucky gal! 😉 A (somewhat) cheesy good-looking guy who can carry a tune, play a guitar, carry himself well, and open to criticisms (so far, I never saw Kris said a bad word on the judges’ comments on him) – what more could you ask for?

3. Scott MacIntyre – You Can’t Hurry Love scott

His song choice has a nice message, I’d say, however, Scott for me is boring. Even if he has some limitations during performances, he should be making up for that with killer vocals. I believe he has this good soothing voice that could draw followers but then again he’s not making the most out of it. He should strengthen up those vocals all the more. He’s being lagged behind some of the contestants who have this not-so-good-singing-voice or just-another-pretty-face reputation during the beginning of the show. Anyway, how could i forget Scott’s pink pants earlier? Hehehe. Now, that’s something different.:D

megan4. Megan Corkrey – For Once In My Life

Megan started out to be one of the favorites this season because of her uniqueness and quirky personality. I believe she has a good voice too – different and whole. I didn’t like her performance this evening, though. Last week was her best, I must say. While she was singing, it seems like her voice’s going to break any time (This has been my fear during her Top 36 performance where she sang Put Your Records On but I didn’t care much since I want her in that time); it never suited her voice in any way. Besides, there’s too much quirkiness that somehow, I think the song lost its message. But I think Megan looked pretty tonight. I loooove the color of her dress and those effects in her hair! Hehehe.

5. Anoop Desai – Ooo Baby Baby anoop

Like Megan, Anoop has been one of the early favorites. He’s more of a stand out though because he doesn’t seem to be someone who sings. Hehehe. He’s Mr. Pleasing Personality, very youthful, and very likeable. From the past week (Grand Ol’ Opry Night), he’s proven himself that he’s got swoon-worthy vocals. Tonight he did the same thing, so enough of the proving. I would have to agree with Randy that Anoop needs to make something different next week – something more upbeat. He should really be cautious in a way because if he continues to do ballads, he might get boring as the competition goes on. But I like Anoop’s attitude, especially earlier when he mentioned that he wants to be the next American Idol and that no one should be there without that desire. Kudos!

michael6. Michael Sarver – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

Michael was different from the other contestants because his then-occupation is somewhat worlds apart from what he is trying to pursue via joining American Idol. Hehehe. A big guy with a big heart – that would be my best description of Sarver. But what he needs to do is to prove his worth in this competition as he has not proven himself in any way yet. He’s just likable and that’s just about it. Last week I didn’t want him to leave yet as I think he came into his senses thought of how he will do tonight. This week, it wouldn’t matter much if he leaves or not but just in case he will be given another chance, he really should work double time to at least come close with some of the best and improving contestants in the competition.

7. Lil Rounds – Heatwavelil

Lil is one heck of a singer. However, since the style of which she got used to was over-distributed in the market already. I don’t know what to suggest but she has to make herself more exciting because vocally-wise, there are no questions with it anymore. She also needs to “stop” being boring. From a viewer’s point of view, Lil could do something different – something new to offer that neither one of her likes has ever shared to the audience before. She’s as boring as Scott at times while the latter just stays in place.

adam8. Adam Lambert – Tracks of My Tears

Adam Lambert made news since the beginning of the competition and continues to make some buzz up to now. Why wouldn’t anyone talk about him when he’s got a great everything – from vocal range, to stage presence, and entertainment factor? He never fails to offer AI fans everywhere something new week after week. He started out strong that my worry of his chances of winning this thing is topping his performance one week after the other. But just so you thought Adam has imposed his identity in the competition with his note-belting, think again. Who knew Adam Lambert can be “tame” with his performance but still deliver it real well? Not only did he showed his sensitive side with those smooth vocals, dashing suit, and sleek hair but he proved America (and all AI fans out there) that he can do more than what we’ve seen of him. The excitement factor that he has is simply exciting in itself. He may slowly be having some competition with the other contestants but I would have to agree with Paula that he has a league of his own.

9. Danny Gokey – Get Ready danny

Danny Gokey is also among the early favorites. He’s not really mine but I think he has the abilities of a good singer/musician, not to mention he’s been born to do music. He’s strong with the audience and has been consistently taking the top spot in Dial Idol (I’m not a fan of Dial idol, though. Hehehe.) I liked the chorus part of Danny’s performance earlier and I appreciate the way he really studies moving on the stage. Sometimes, though, Danny gets boring (like Anoop) but I’m willing to see what more he could do in the coming weeks. Though many people predict that he’s a sure shot in the finals, I am not very much convinced yet. But hey, it’s too early! I hope he could showcase more of his capabilities as an artist.

allison10. Allison Iraheta – Papa was a Rolling Stone

There is a lot of promise in this girl. Still lacks some oomph in the personality department but somehow getting there. I also think she’s having fun during her performances and gives it her best shot all the time. My problem with Allison, though, is I sometimes can’t understand the lyrics of her song during her live performance. I appreciate her studio versions better. She has established her identity in the competition as a rocker girl but in the coming weeks, I’d like to see her experiment more and unleash a different side of her and I hope it would do her favor.


All stuff mentioned above are based on biased judgment (But of course I have my bets! Aren’t those pretty obvious? LOL.) I try to give a sound comment on everyone, though. Hehehe. Finally, I’m done with this. :))


Thanks to Rickey’s site which I made reference for the song titles of the performances earlier and Newsday for the pictures I placed in this post. 😉


3 thoughts on “American Idol season 8 – Motown Night

  1. haha! actually, i plan doing this thing 2 weeks ago when the top 13 is still complete. however, i don’t have time and there are priorities much important than this post.

    so there, i made it for the top 10. hemingways they’ll be the ones joining the tour. hehehehe.:P

    i haven’t been watching tv now except when it’s idol. poor me. haha

  2. whoa! very comprehensive huh? geesh im missing a lot on idol already. i have to get back on track. with GG as well…hehehehe

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