Dianne and I met earlier for the Un-Ashamed conference and one of the topics of our conversations in between sessions went like this:

Dianne: I really believe that before we really achieve the life that we wanted, we need to undergo lots of difficult tasks.

Marix: Yeah. I agree with you. If you want the best in life, then be prepared for the big tests that you’d have to go through.

Anyway, I always tell myself that I have never had such problems when I was still in college when all my friends and classmates have everything in life to rant about. Well, I face my share of “struggles” but only I don’t share it because many others would think that it is so shallow of me.

Right now, something is bothering me. It is not really a big thing but well, I really have to make a decision. It would not be that easy but it really is not something to be terribly bothered about.

Why could life get so complicated?


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