Randoms (I do this better)

Days have passed and I have so much to write about that I couldn’t really post everything in a very comprehensive entry. So as what I do best as always, here are my randoms for the moment:

* I have a profile picture here in WordPress but I decided I love the anonimity (as if there are lots of people getting lost in my blog) so I changed it to a pic not of myself.:D

* And in relation to the post above, since I love anonimity, I’m loving that I can share a lot of stuff here knowing that not a few people are reading it, or are interested in it.

* I want to give up on something but somehow, something tells me I should not. I needto really get into it.:-/

* Watched Confessions of a Shopaholic earlier. Not the best movie but some parts made me laugh. Guys should watch that and learn something for themselves! (I ain’t angry, btw. Hehe.)

* I suddenly realized, Hugh Dancy has a square-jaw. I consider that thing somehow attractive in men. Oh well, I didn’t know he was square-jawed before.

* I really love one thing mentioned by our company president yesterday during the meeting, “When you want something, you never miss an opportunity for you to get it. When you want someone, you never miss an opportunity to be with that person.” I think I’m clinging on to that.

* Oh well, maybe I should read or watch that “He’s Just Not Into You” to give me a boost and open my mind. How strange could my life get? Haha! I’m not ranting. This is just one of those strange thoughts I have.

* Now I know, one very particular trait that I am looking for in the man of my life would be being assertive but sensitive. I have always been the one looking after other people, being the eldest in the family and seen by many as someone eagerly responsible. In time, I want my man to be someone who would fight for me, take care of me, stand by me, and love me next to God. But as sturdy as the man of my life is, I want him to be sensitive, not only to my needs but towards others’ welfare as well. Isn’t that sweeter than just being handsome and rich and attractive?

* It’s true that when you want something, you’d do it no matter what but if you don’t, you’ll never do no matter how it will affect you.

Just that for now. I need a place to share my thoughts.:)


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