Earlier, I rode with my parents as they are going to my father’s office. It’s funny because everytime this happens, I have been hearing their talks and they talk about a looooooot of things, which of course, I can hear because they are not cautious knowing that I can hear every single word they speak and every single topic they talk about.

Well, for today their topic ended with one of their friends whom they mentioned as not the showy type, even if their family has enough. Talk, talk until they talked about the business this person is operating in. Well, my parents mentioned that even if the business is good, there might be no one to look after it in the future as their friend’s children seems to not have interest in it.

Then my mother uttered, “Si *ano* sana pwede. Kung nagkatuluyan sila ni *anak ng friend nila*.”

Ako: No comment

They said a lot of things pa. No comment na lang ako. My parents talaga o. I wonder how their conversation would be like if we, their children would be the ones involved.:P


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