Love, love, love…

Since early this morning I have been receiving messages regarding Valentine’s Day as if it’s some sort of a national or whatever-kind-of-observed holiday. Well, I don’t have anything against Valentine’s Day; just kind of found it amusing.:D

I remember that last year, I have an entry during and/or about V-Day. Just the usual stuff about romantic love and all *now searches for her previous blog entry from another site*

Well, as what we always do, Valentine’s is celebrated with the family; so we went out to swim today (even if I don’t really swim but instead just plunge into the water and wet myself. Hehe.)

Ok, going back to my last year’s blog entry, I think I have been quite contradicting as I confessed there that I am not bitter and at the same time, I wrote there that I don’t care about V-Day. Hehe. But I would have to agree to some things written on that entry:

1. Love should be celebrated everyday. Though V-Day is some sort of reminder to that as we fail to give love to others on the “usual” days.

2. Spread the love. Stop being mean to others. If such’s the case, then I think you need to go some love schooling.

However, I still hope to receive some flowers for the Valentine’s. (Bouquet, that is. Haha! Demanding, I know, but friends give me a piece some every now and then during V-Day e.) Wala lang. That would be something surprising especially if it’s done unexpectedly.:)

Lastly, I would like to share to everyone a great song about love. Not your usual love song but something I could 99% agree many would love and something which constantly reminds me that I’m loved more that I could ever imagine.:) Got it a few weeks ago from a friend and I adore it! One time upon going home, I was even listening to just that song until I reach the door of our house. Hehe.

I Need You to Love Me by Barlow Girl

Happy V-Day everyone! Now I’m joining the bandwagon of those who seems to be making this day a national holiday.:P


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