Some thoughts and ponders of a crying kid

This is the best thing about having some sort of a back-up blog. Accidentally, anyone could have access to what you have written but not everyone would care; and your post won’t be a hype; and not all people from your network could get to read what you’ve written.

Anyway, I opted to post here instead of doing the post in my other blog. I just finished wiping the tears from my eyes because of anger. I want to burst out and fight back but I’m trying to calm myself down because I know fighting would not be the best thing to do.

It will only be almost just a month that I will be commencing my first year in my first employment. Even if this job opens doors for pressures and a lot more pressures day after day, I’m trying to find good things in it. I’m trying to fight against all the negative moods that will put me down or let me burst into high intensity of emotions.

But a few hours earlier, I really felt violated in some ways. (Well, not just me)
My office mates would often hear me say work ISN”T the wholeness of my being; it’s not my totality and I wouldn’t “waste” half of my life in the office and missing out on the more important things that would help mold me as a better individual.

I know the nature of my job and I am willing to allot more time in doing certain things necessary to bring about results. However, it’s hard when your boss tells you something but isn’t doing anything about it; or he’s always telling you that you are free to do your thing and formulate your own system but at the same time, he will keep interrupting you and talk to you for a long time with things he’s been repeating gazillion times earlier. What the heck is that? Instead of listening to all those “instructions” and “things you need to understand” which you’ve been hearing over and over again, you could have spent your time doing WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. And after all the listening, you have to stay longer because you haven’t done WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE because you listened to the sermon that’s been a staple to your daily life.

I’m not just ranting about my work or my boss but sometimes, due respect should be given to employees (Whatcha think?)

Pressure is good but it is NOT the ONLY way to produce results.

There is MORE to life than JUST grasping all the opportunities that come your way. Opportunities lost? So what? Opportunities you take should be well thought of.

Losing focus should not be blamed because of the work load right in front of you (or whoever’s doing it). It is experienced because of INCONSISTENT instructions and goals given and allowing yourself to get TENSED just because you want to please your customer and then transfer that tenseness to other people. Things don’t happen your way all the time.


5 thoughts on “Some thoughts and ponders of a crying kid

    1. sureness. haha! we need it. they’re giving free New Testament True Love Waits Bibles as well tapos i think the breakout groups would be fun, informative, and inspiring. 😉 text-text.:)

  1. yes, we should!:D

    I’m ok now. at times like this i just really need to let it go so that stress don’t get the best of me. hehe.

    when should we meet? of course we’ll meet in time for the payment of the conference? are you still coming?;)

  2. awww…hugs marix!!! i know how it feels. me too, at times, i feel like im doing a lot…its not that it not appreciated but i guess, a lot is being expected of us lang…good thing that my colleauges are helpful though…pero that’s ok, in the PR world, your negative emotions should not be seen by those people who are just related with you professionaly or something. i dont know…lets meet up anytime soon. what ya think?!?!

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