I Hate Saying Goodbyes but I have to

I have a lot to thank God for this 2008; new beginnings, new relationships, new discoveries, and a lot more wonderful things. There are regrets as well which I need to work out but I’d have to say, 2008 was my best year so far.

Just a day to go and it will be New Year’s Eve. I have learned my lessons and better live by those and start the year right. Mistakes are still on hand (they always are) but I hope I could try my best to minimize them and never be taken over by anything but my faith and the firmness of it (which is also one thing I need to work out).

I hope 2009 would be a grand one. I pray that whatever the things are, all goes well – this isn’t saying I’m expecting no wrong to happen but I wish everything happens which is to happen.

I hate letting go. It takes me out of my comfort zone. But I guess, I need to let go of this year to be able to fully feel the greatness the new year has to offer me.

To everyone, Happy 2009!


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