Just this day, because of something unexpected which had happened, I will take note that one of the main characteristics I would be looking for in a guy is gentleness…

Most men firmly believe that their machismo is being measured by several things such as:

– Money
– Power
– Attractiveness

However, I don’t believe that it’s the way it should be. A great man is measured on how well he can keep himself under control especially when he has all three written all over his being.

Being dominant leads to decisions and actions favoring only oneself without giving others a chance to be listened; and it takes a great man to still lead a pack but at the same time, keeping people around him at bay and giving them an opportunity to speak up.

Also, a great man is someone who could practice their authority without imposing it. At the same time, they could explain their side without blurting out that, “Hey! I don’t want to hear what you have to say anymore.”

In relation to this one as well, I firmly believe that great men are those who could humble themselves and acknowledge, that sometimes, even for once in their lives, they could go wrong and it is not a shame to admit it.


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