My only intention of going online this evening is to check my mail when suddenly, one blog entry from a friend caught my attention. Haha. Kakaiba kasi yung title ng blog entry nya. Codename naman pala yun.:P (I would probably not do that dahil baka may makaalam pa online. I’d rather write it all on my journal. LOL.)

As much as I’m wondering why she is giving such codename, I was more attracted to what she has written (Ayan, libre promote sa entry mo kung sino ka apektado sa post na ito kahit hindi naman mababasa ng mga tao dahil private yun.:P)

Asking what could have caught my attention? I’d enumerate it na lang so it’s more composed:

1. Imagine, 2 long years (Is it long for you? It kinda is, right?)

2. It’s hard seeing a someone have a someone (Haha! Decode.:P) Kahit na sabihin mo ngang wala naman pero nararamdaman mong there’s a competition e ang bigat na, how much more… Oh well, halt.:P

3. Letting go is the best thing to do.

4. Maybe time has its own way of restoring things.

5. Some things happen unexpectedly – randomly – all of a sudden. (Most of the time kasi we settle for what’s convenient when there’s more meaning to mystery and surprises.)

6. Sometimes, too, we have to be cautious with our closeness with others. It might be attachment, it might be real. Basta lang, we have to be cautious, baka false na kasi.

7. Yes, time restores things. RESTORES.

8. Mystery is good, but oh, there is a time for confirmation.

9. However, confirmations bring lots of questions – lots of doubts, lots of fears. That’s when you got to have that faith.:)

10. We need to confront anything which bothers us; and I mean ANYTHING.

11.  he was hurt..

and i was too..

seeing the person close to you hurt??
di ko alam!!

— This would probably be my favorite part of the entry. Any other person doesn’t need to know you’re hurting in order for you to empathize to him/her.

12. What might not be of worth to others could be of GREAT worth for you. 🙂

13. Sometimes, even if things are as clear as it can be, it might not be in yet. (Lalo na siguro kung parang wala lang direksyon, ano? Hahahaha!)

14. Purpose. Purpose.

15. Some things really take time to grow, especially if you’d really want to treasure it.:)

Grabe, I’m trying not the be too emotional. I thought one could outgrow it but I think I was wrong. This one triggered my senses. Haha.


2 thoughts on “Pag-relate

  1. this is a very nice post!!! i thought it’s best to be insensitive but i guess it’s better to be nice…just nice…see you marix, i hope before xmas! hehehe. much love!

    1. 😀 thanks to my friend. anyway, yeah, be nice. hahahaha. especially if the person’s important, that’s the best way to go. bawal selfish.

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