There’s so much to work than work itself. I realized that when I started working for the company where I am in now.

Earlier, we had a trade test for workers who were to work in Canada once they make it to the final cut after the employer interviews (some of them are done with it already) and the Canadian Immigration interviews. Out of the 27 who were shortlisted, only 16 were chosen.

It really didn’t make me feel bad as in finding the job, some get it, some don’t until I saw one candidate who pleaded if he is to be given another chance. Well, the employer agreed that they would endorse them to another client not accredited with our company which is included in the same recruitment mission (as much as possible, we would really want to help the candidates in whatever good ways we can)

Even if I try not to, it felt really heavy seeing people whose lives depended on the result of their applications. Before, I see work as something really simple – just there whenever you need it; but now, it’s not just what I thought it was, especially to those who have families to feed. I particularly feel bad when they’re almost there but didn’t quite got there. Haaaay…

That’s why I learned a lesson: In life, we should not miss opportunities. Given a chance, give it your all as if it’s your last chance.

* Sorry, emo


2 thoughts on “Work

  1. yeah! take every single opportunity that comes our way. building our life can never be easy…if it is, then maybe there’s something we overlooked…nonetheless, we have to celebrate each day of our life. because its too short…and avoid those things and people who make it feel so long. (quoted from blair) haha…mishu marix…see yah around. =D

    1. yeah. we always need to have some dose of effort. if things aren’t meant to be, there are better opportunities where we could show what we really got, right?:D

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