Long Overdue: Gary V Live at 25

It’s been several jam-packed weeks for me and people have been telling me that I’ve rarely posted anything these days on multiply. So here I am, returning from a long overdue. Let me share to you first one of the things I have been up to some few weeks ago.

I’ve always mentioned that I love volunteering. For me, it shows passion; it tells everyone that you have more than what a normal life has. It shows that you make use of your time wisely, not letting each moment be put to waste.

I have been volunteering for different activities in the past, usually, one-time events lang. The longest volunteering I have done is for the Edge Radio. We do stuff for the Word for You Today, we man booths on events, we’ve been given several trainings by our mentors, we do stuff for the online radio broadcast, and a lot more. One of the most exciting part, though, I must admit is getting in concerts for free. Haha!

Last November 15, Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V, has celebrated his 25th anniversary in showbiz at the Araneta Coliseum. Being one of the sponsors, we were given the chance to witness the man’s awesome talent for free. Yes, FREE!

I’ve always dreamed of being on Gary V’s concert, him being one of my favorite local talents; and that one came true. Many thanks to the Edge.:) Not only am I able to do what I really love and share whatever I could but I come to experience great opportunities as well.

So if you want to share your talents and be used in sharing God’s message through positive music, come and join us and volunteer to the Edge Radio. You can call (632) 339-0140 or text (63918) 959-EDGE.


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