I don’t really believe in soul mates. There is no such thing! Hehe. However, I still use the term for several people.

I don’t remember how many but I have called several people my soulmate because of certain things at which we connect, we agree, we think the same. They may not be the closest friends which I have but there are some things which make them special. These people are as follows (Haha! Enumeration???):

1. Kitty

I met Kitty in college. We began being classmates during our my third year in UP, her 4th (Haha! Sorry Kit if I have to reveal that you’re older than me.:P) but we weren’t really became immediately close until the time for our Public Personnel Administration course. We share a lot of ideas and sentiments. There’s one thing though which I don’t much share with her – her passion for bands.

But then again, we share many views on many things; politics (though she is more anti-admin. Haha!), family, hardwork, love, and showbiz(!!!) We might not agree on some ideas but those were only minimal. She was the one who became so fascinated with me because I talk about diverse things (She laughed at me because I was telling something about a musical instrument when suddenly I shifted the topic to The Elephant Man. She said I’m so weird. Hehe.) I was fascinated with her because I believe she’s really, really beautiful (Angel Locsin and Jeong Ryeo Won look-a-like. If you don’t know these people, just google them. Hehe.)

We may have moved separate ways – she is in Doha, I’m in Manila; she has a boyfriend already, I still don’t have (Hahaha!) but I know that even if she has not been constantly keeping in touch, she is not forgetting me and the times that we’ve had (with Nika as well).

2. Dianne

I am usually seeing Dianne in NCPAG in college. We were not of the same clique that’s why I believe we don’t know the existence of each other. We were introduced when we both apply for an org where I didn’t continue my application (Wahehe!) My first impression of her is that she’s a snob (Hehehe. Sorry Dianne.:P)

We were somewhat force to become close since we’re the only two girls applying for that org that sem. I left her behind (Waaah! Double sorry.) We became closer though during our internship in BOI. Since my usual company of friends were assigned (or have chosen) a different agency, Dianne and Chelanne tagged me along with them We would eat lunch together (remember our SuperBowl escapade? Hahahaha! Gastos galore!) and go to places together. I never thought we would be that close.

Time has passed by. I don’t know how we kept our communication lines open. Since Dianne’s workplace and mine are a little near each other, we would still see each other often and talk about a lot of stuff! We may have different outlook on things but there is a whole lot of which we share! We’d just keep it between ourselves, though, ’cause it’s somewhat hard to describe. Hehehe.

3. Diane

I met Diane in work. Hehehe. Our degrees in college are not really related to the line of work that we’re doing now. We weren’t close then (I was staying in the 19th floor, she’s on the 7th) until our team transferred on the 7th. We didn’t became friends instantly but through time, we get to know each other and we became closer, closer! Hehe. We get to share a lot of things with her, and not just the randoms but everything – from the scholarly conversations to just laugh out moments.


I’d still live a long life so I still don’t know how many more “soulmates” would come my way.

Trivia: 2 out of the were born the same month as I was. Maybe that’s why we feel superior. Hahaha! Kidding.:P


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