I Thank God for Friends

People say you don’t choose your friends. Well, not in my case… But actually, I don’t choose them. There are just some people who are to become your friends. I don’t know but there’s just this unseen connection that you have with several people which you don’t have with the others.

Of course, you can’t be friends with just everyone, even if you’re Miss Congeniality. I can’t be friends with everyone I know but I thank God I’m friends with everyone I am. (Haha! Is my sentence structure correct?)

I don’t know how people are gotten together but I know I’d truly cherish moments I have with them. Small talks over the mobile, messaging services, and network sites; an unplanned meet-up; a perfectly put-together happening; pigging-out after work; chatters over the latest issues, personal issues, and issues outta this world – all these and more I cherish.

No one knows how long my friendships with people will last. But I would surely appreciate each moment I have with them, may it be good or not-so-good.

* Forgive my being melodramatic. I suddenly thought of all (well, almost) of them.


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