During one of our dull moments in work, me and my 2 office friends had some conversation over a conference in YM (Well, we’re one of the privileged whose YM and other network sites weren’t blocked in our PCs.) So anyway, they’re trying to make me intriga over several things… But what is there to make intriga about? Nothing. Haha! Then the topic shifted to my blogging.

These two people who’s got nothing to do asked me where do I derive inspiration from blogging as they themselves are not bloggers. Well, I don’t really consider myself a “blogger(1)” per se; I’m just a “blogger(2)” who’s full of oh-so-random-! thoughts that she wants to record through means which are convenient – and I don’t bring my journal all the time (As I’m a Dory sometimes that I might misplace it). So there’s an internet connection and I suddenly have something in mind and voila! A blog entry.

What I wrote in the previous paragraph is not the answer to their question, though. What inspires me?  I then searched myself and asked her that question. Of course, the answer I had for these two friends weren’t enough as they did some targeting selection schemes on me. Haha! But what I told them is the real reason of why I have these entries.

Sometimes, there are several things that you encounter which you will usually take for granted. Then one day comes and you’ll realize its relevance in your life; in your being; in your existence. No matter how senseless it appears to others, no matter how shallow or how extremely difficult it is for them to understand; the important thing is how these situations speak to us. And wouldn’t you want these things to linger on by keeping a record?

The words I wrote above are not what I exactly told my two friends but it’s somewhat the gist of what I said. And they told me “…False star.” Hahaha!


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