You will experience God’s stretched grace no matter what. This one’s certified!

People tend to have short-term memory loss and you have to deal with it all the time. It will pain you, yes, but when you want to, you will soon find a way. (Though you sometimes wish they’d do it instead.)

Never let yourself be hindered from achieving your dreams and doing your aspirations. You may not have done it in the past but surely, today is never too late for it.

Life’s pressures don’t come one at a time. Prepare yourself for the battle.

No matter how you step far from God’s calling, you can never escape it.

It pays to take risks. No matter what happens in the end, it will prevent you from encountering regrets.

There’s a lot to appreciate on the little things and the people who are just there; it’s just that it just takes a while for you to notice. Who says only the grandiose can give you joy and satisfaction?


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