Goodbye, Jason Castro!

Disclaimer: Please bear with me. I can’t help but blog.:pAs he sings. Jason’s “Hallelujah” performance

People close to me (Well, even some who aren’t) would know that Jason Castro is my favorite American Idol Contestant ever (I mean I like Elliot Yamin but I like Jason better coz he’s my age. Hehe.)

During the last elimination night, it’s his time to go. Alright, I wouldn’t disagree if other people would say that he totally messed up during the last performance night, especially when he forgot some of the lyrics of Mr. Tambourine Man.

Oh well, I don’t know what draw me to him. He may be the best-looking guy in the competition but it’s not the only reason why I like him. He’s just plain adorable and his goofiness is really amusing; I won’t be a loyal fan-ey if he’s just some good-looking guy without personality.

The goofy Jason! Hahaha!

Over the weeks, he’s become more and more endearing and even if there are many people out there who aren’t big fans of his music, I certainly believe in his talent and that over the other contestants who graced this season, he’s the one who stuck to his “style”, and that style showed (and I hope will continually show) who he really is as a person and as an artist.

I’ve posted one wonderful quote from Jason courtesy of the American Idol site to answer the question

What are your personal goals in life?

He answered,

“To be a loving father, a faithful husband and a servant of all.”

And now, I saw another quote from him courtesy of Castrocopia (Thanks! This was said by Jason during the live text chat with him. One question from a Jason fan said,

“What is your biggest fear?”

And true enough, Jason has given an answer that is one big reason why I’m certainly proud I admire him. He said,

“My biggest fear is wasting my life.”

This is totally awesome!

I hope Jason Castro continues to hone his craft. He may not have won the AI title this season but he surely won millions of hearts, not just because of those piercing eyes and good physique (Ehem, tight pants anyone? Hehe), or even those octopus-like dreads. It is not also just because of the out-of-nowhere answers and interview boo-boos and eye-catching acts that he has done during live shows (Who could forget his mimicking of Ryan Seacrest and his spinning during one elimination night and the reactions that he does everytime there is some sort of introduction to be done to them, contestants? Hehehehe.) Above all those I’ve mentione, what made Jason Castro a hit is by becoming an inspiration to many that (as he said) DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

Goodbye but no goodbye!

This is all for the DAYDREAMING BOY! All

the best for you comrade!


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