New Year has never been this sad but we have to move forward…

Early this morning, our pet Trevor died (diagnosed with hepatitis last Thursday). That was just few minutes before I go to church.

When I woke up, I even went out and talked to him, telling him to not let go and still spend the New Year with us. However, he’s left a bit earlier than expected.

I have been attached to our other pet, Smart, who has left our family mid this year; but he was old enough and has fulfilled his purpose already.

Trevor, on the other hand, still is a few months younger from being a year old. Maybe his real purpose for living is to make me love animals. I am an animal lover but not the extreme type (like my sister). My! It hurts to see him lying with no life. I cried my heart out but of course, I have to somewhat control my sadness because my sister was so down already.

The following pics were the last we got from him. We thought he was just stressed because he stayed awake with us during Christmas eve.

Burcio, thanks for the memories – the kulit moments, the loud barks, the banana-love, and those paawa eyes. I hate you for leaving so early but you definitely made me a certified dog lover. Argh!


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