Our old dog, Smart, died few minutes ago :'(

I’m not really the one taking care of our pets (when i say pets, i mean dogs a), feeding them, giving them a bath and a cuddle, and all that stuff that is required when you are a pet owner. however, i greet our dogs, Smart (a mongrel whose mom is a mongrel too and whose dad is a dalmatian) and Trevor (a beagle).

i believe these dogs have feelings, too. that’s why even if i’m bad at them sometimes (i make them palo with a broom or a slipper when they will not listen), i make it a point to greet them and give them a pat on the back when they’re making papansin.

now is august 25, 2007. i marked this day on my calendar as smart’s death day. it’s just so sad, i’m feeling a slight rush in my chest already. even if i’m not close with the dogs (well, not with Smart coz he’s hard to play with coz when he gets really makulit when he’s younger, he’s heavy. i’m closer to our new dog because i could carry him around.), i’m really sad and cried already *sniff* i cried nga for our dog then who only stayed with the family for a few months, how much more Smart who has been with us for the past 14 or 15 years (but it’s more likely 15). i’m sooo sad! ='(

here is the only photo of him that we have kept in the computer. i’ll have the others scanned and post it here as well.

i’ll never forget how you love fish the first time you arrived in our doorstep. you don’t like meat then. you love paksiw na isda and veggies then. but when you grow older you forgot all about it and loved bread instead. then people would call you a pig because your trunk is not proportional with your limbs. hehe. but i know you don’t mind and you don’t care. you look reall, really mabait naman that’s why people love you (but you hate lasing passersby).hehe. and in you old age (now, the days before you died), you love eating Trevor’s food instead (Alpo dog food for puppies with milk essentials) while Trevor would eat yours (Pedigree Adult medium-sized dogs) because it has  meat packets that looks like miniature pillows.

i love you both. =’ )

bye Smart! =’ ) i know that even if the family will be sad because of your farewell, you’re gonna be with God. i’ll meet you there (all dogs go to heaven, ayt? hehe. =] )


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